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Ovenable PE

  • Transparent polyester film with CORONA treatment on one side and HEAT SEALABLE (high seal strength) on the opposite side.
  • The CORONA treated side of the Ovenable PE can be used for enhanced adhesion for printing and lamination.
  • The heat sealable layer is designed to heat seal onto itself or substrates such as APET, CPET, modified CPET, PET coated paperboard and PVC.
  • Dual ovenable PE with large sealing temperature range without deformation: from 260 to 410°F.
  • Food can be heated/cooked in contact until 410°F. At higher temperatures the film begins to warp.
  • Ovenable bag can withstand freezing temperatures down to -40°F.
  • Complies with international regulations for food contact.

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