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Chantler Packages history goes back to 1930, when Ernest and John Chantler established a company 'Chantler & Chantler'
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Why Chantler Packages?

We specialize in packaging for the food industry with the highest standards of hygiene.
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Our Services

Chantler developed capabilities in film extrusion, flexographic printing, and high-speed bag making.


As a food manufacturer, processor or produce grower in North America, you might think about working with an overseas manufacturer for cost-effective packaging solutions. Understandably, you might also feel this can carry some risks; from delays in the shipment, uncertainty of production quality to something as simple as project completion!

However, thanks to a new partnership, as of July 2017, Chantler Packages is excited to introduce One World Sourcing! A cost-effective overseas production management solution without the risks!

Packages Limited is an international packaging leader with 61 years of industry experience and over 2600 employees. They services tier 1 clients like Frito Lay, Nestlé, Unilever, P&G, Mondeléz and Colgate-Palmolive. They use sophisticated, top-of-the-line European machinery to provide flexible packaging solutions in produce, bakery, confectionary, and more.
This partnership allows for you and other clients in Canada and U.S.A. to closely work with the experts at Chantler Packages to nail down all your project specifics including sizing, material blend, special features, shipping logistics, mockups and artwork. After that is taken care of, your packaging gets made overseas, without a hitch, so you get the most cost-effective solution.

Let Chantler Packages streamline, optimize and ensure the success of your overseas packaging solution with One World Sourcing.

Learn more about One World Sourcing by calling us at 905-274-2654

Chantler & Chantler - Packages Group

In 2017, Chantler & Chantler and the Packages Group formed a joint venture, Chantler Packages, to bring the capabilities and innovation of the Packages Group to the North American packaging market.

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