• 360 degree branding; ideal for pallet-merchandised or POP products
  • Artwork doesn’t get obsured from curving or collapsing; reduces the amount of shelf maintenance needed
  • Straight sides of the box pouch mean no wasted space or voids on the shelf
  • Optional window on sides of box pouch lets consumers see the product without interrupting the PDP or exposing the product to excess light
  • Effective merchandised lying down or standing up

The box pouch is a great alternative to bag-in-box or conventional stand-up pouches


  • Very effective for larger fills (pet food, fresh produce)
  • Fillable on automated pouch filling lines
  • Top or bottom fill


  • A great alternative to bag-in-box
    ~ Uses less material (no outer box)
    ~ Simpler to fill
    ~ More durable, able to take rough handling vs. folding cartons
  • Different closure types available
    ~ Standard press to close zipper
    ~ Top slider zipper
    ~ Hook and loop closure
    ~ Tamper-evident sealing
  • Bottom has rounded edges, no sharp corners
  • Available with die-cut handles so it’s easy to carry
  • Better weight distribution than other packaging formats
  • Ability to reduce the amount of secondary packaging used (i.e. corrugated)


  • Box pouches are available in many constructions
    ~ PET / LLDPE
    ~ PET / metallized PET / LLDPE
    ~ PET / aluminium foil / LLDP
    ~ PET / high-barrier LLDPE (for gas flush)
  • 70 – 230 micron thickness
  • Printable up to 10 colours

~ PET / aluminium foil / CPP (for retort applications)
~ Matte PET / kraft paper / LLDPE (look and feel of paper with better durability and moisture resistance)


  • Frozen: fruit, vegetables, meats, seafood, appetizers, pasta, dumplings
  • Pet food: dry or raw
  • Fresh produce: apples, pears, mini peppers…
  • Baking ingredients, mixes and powders
  • Rice, seeds, and grains
  • Dried fruit and nuts, granola, cereals
  • Confectionery, candies, chocolates, mini-cakes
  • Home care: dishwasher pods, laundry detergent pods, cleaning products
  • Lawn and garden, fertilizer
  • Cheese: shredded cheese or outer bags for wrapped snack cheese